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10 Reasons to sell your old car in Brisbane

Cars are like family members. There’s no denying-that-fact. And there’s a string reason for that as well. One buys a car with his/her hard earned money and naturally becomes emotionally attached to it.

A good friend might bail on you at times but a well-maintained car will always have your back. For high-earning individuals buying and selling cars every other day might not be a great thing, but for people with low or mid-sized income it’s a big step.

So if getting rid of your current car has been on your mind then you surely need to read our list of Reasons for Selling Your Car:

Reasons to sell car - Rise in IncomeRise in Income​​ – Australia is a booming economy and everyone earns a lot more than what they did 5 years ago. And as we all know, as people start earning more dollars per month, they start showing off their stuff more as well. Fortunately, buying new, along-the-trend vehicles is a strong sign of increased income and thus, better standard of living.

Reasons to sell car - Aged VehicleAging Vehicles​​ – An average car is considered to be a good performer for the first 200K to 250K miles of it’s running life. During this period, it rarely demands any huge expenditure besides the rubber parts and small tune-ups here and there. But after a certain point, the vehicle starts to give up. Major engine and transmission repairs are required more frequently which makes you want to just rid yourself of the car and buy a new one.

Reasons to sell car - Legal-issueLegal issues​​ – Old cars don’t bring just financial problems. They are vulnerable to legal issues as well. It doesn’t mean that driving a car of a certain age is illegal in our country but it does require you to complete various formalities. Moreover, older cars are prone to meet accidents due to improperly working parts such as loose brakes, burned out clutch plate, worn out tyre grips.

Reasons to sell car - Environment IssueEnvironmental Issues​​ – Come on guys. People out there are dying. Not just from pollution, but from their protests against such pollution emission. Riots and fasting-unto-death are some common causes. Older vehicles tend to be less efficient and hence less cost effective in terms of fuel. Also, they are unable to burn the fuel properly, which causes harmful emission of pollution in the air and decreases mileage and power for your vehicle.

Reasons to sell car - Technology AdvancementTechnological Advancements​​ – Do the windows of your car still need to be rolled up? Then it is a high time to change your vehicle to the one with power windows. But that’s just one of the many new perks that come with new cars. GPS, power steering, ABS brakes, Air-Bag safety measures, modern engines with more miles-per-litre and even more horsepower under the hood.

Reasons to sell car - Old ModelOld School ain’t Always Cool​​ – Driving around in Cadillacs is a thing, no doubt. But rooming around the streets in your old Camry is not exactly “old school”. It’s rather called bankruptcy or misery. Old and beaten up vehicles fail to deliver a statement to anyone who’s seeing it whereas new vehicles, no matter what the model is, shout out that it’s fresh out of the showroom and ready to heat the streets up.

Reasons to sell car - Ugly Design CarTerribly Designed Cars​​ – There is a very high chance that the car you use for all your purposes is one with a poor design and undurable make. Take, for e.g., a basic Suzuki vehicle and put it up against a basic Ford model. Obviously, the Suzuki will beat the Ford when it comes to long-lasting running life

Reasons to sell car - Fuel PriceFuel Cost​​ – Brisbane is an Australian city. Far from the oil fields of Saudi and UAE. We have to pay petrol bills with our hard earned money. Moreover, the fuel prices are hitting new highs on a monthly basis now which makes the situation even more complicated. Now what majority of people are unaware is that as their vehicles age, the mileage starts to go down significantly. It does two things. One, it adds extra burden on your wallet. Two, it makes your vehicle less and less reliable with every mile. And this is one damn strong reason to buy a new automobile for yourself

Reasons to sell car - Extra CashExtra Cash Never Hurts ​​- Regardless of why you’re selling your vehicle, it still brings in extra cash for you. Having an extra vehicle in the garage during a financial crisis isn’t wise at all. Or when deciding to buy a new vehicle, one should consider selling his old car. It is a very cost-effective technique and can prove to be extremely helpful at times.

Reasons to sell car - Emotional IssueEmotional Issues​​ – Many a times, it happens where a car might be responsible for someone’s death or impairment. It can be a close friend or family member passing away in an accident. In such cases, the particular cars act as reminders of that unfortunate incident and trigger unpleasant memories. That is why, it’s considered best to do away with such automotives in your possession and move on in life for the greater good.

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