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//How to Sell My Junk Car Without Registration?

How to Sell My Junk Car Without Registration?

Many people worry about getting into trouble for selling their unregistered junk car. Are you one of them? Some people may think it’s no big deal, but getting rid of a junk car with no registration can be a bit of a hassle. Sometimes, even owning a junk car without Rego is a bad idea a lot of the time. Your unregistered old vehicle can cause more problems especially when you have to move your house to another place. In some places, you need to register your car if you want to keep it on your property, otherwise you have to incur some hefty fines.  So, getting rid of the old and unregistered vehicle is the best option for you before you deal with any unforeseen circumstances. You will also get cash for your unregistered car if you sell it to a local Brisbane car wrecker like Cash for Car and Truck.

Selling Your Unregistered Car to Someone in Qld

You should first check your local ordinance to find out the local regulations on unregistered cars. Visit the office/information center of the state transport department and inquire about selling your car with no registration. You can also go online and find relevant information on their website.

If you are living in Queensland, you can sell your car with registration but you must sell it without a safety certificate (RWC) and need to do some paperwork to sell it out properly and lawfully.

Selling Your Unregistered Car to An Auto Wrecker

To sell an unregistered car to an auto wrecker/junk car buyers in Brisbane, you don’t need to worry about paperwork and they will take care of everything for you. You should tell them which documents you’re missing, so they can let you know how to proceed. Ask them upfront if they will charge for towing of your car or not.

With Cash for Car and Truck Brisbane, you will be assured that your car with no registration is sold without any hassle. We’ll also pay top money for your unregistered vehicle and we ‘ll also provide free pick up service for your car. Call us on 0478 936 535 or submit our online quote request form to sell your car with no registration in Brisbane, QLD.