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//What Should I Do Before Getting Rid of My Old Car?

What Should I Do Before Getting Rid of My Old Car?

Keeping an old vehicle will cost you an extra space in your garage. Besides, leaving that old automobile to rot on your property causes a tremendous eyesore, plus it’s a liability! Maybe your old vehicle has served you really well to get wherever you want to go but what will you do with it when it is no longer useful for you?  So, you have to get rid of it, Right!

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Before your old car is removed from your home and towed away, you must remember to remove your personal belongings from inside your vehicle.

Some important items include:

  • Cash
  • Credit Card, debit card, bank key card, etc.
  • Driver Licence, Medicare card, healthcare card, student id, etc.
  • Mobile phone
  • GPS navigator
  • Music CD/DVD/mp3 disc/USB drive, etc.
  • USB pen drives
  • Govia tag
  • Dashboard camera
  • Mobile phone holder
  • USB charger and cables
  • Other Personal belongings

In addition, you will also need to remove the license plates, which must be returned to the Qld Transport Department.

If the vehicle is registered, do not forget to contact your insurance company to cancel the policy on your car.

What To Do If The Vehicle Is Not Yours

In cases where an old car has been abandoned on your property, you will need to contact the police or your local council. If you live in the Brisbane area, you can report an abandoned vehicle online to the Brisbane City Council. If you are in other locations, you can contact your local council to report an abandoned unregistered vehicle.

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